Training and Workshops

I began public speaking while in elementary school.  In our home, it was a rule that children were made to be seen and not heard.  My mother would volunteer me to do whatever the church or Brownie organization needed.

Speaking publicly became natural and I began a training and consultation company.  I have had opportunities to speak throughout the United States and in Canada.  In addition, I support NASW-NC training through the Charlotte Local Programming Unit. 

Past Training and Workshops

ETHICS workshop at First Baptist West-Oaklawn

Using CBT to treat Financial Anxiety

I Feel Pretty: How Positive Emotions Transform Us

Growth and Empowerment Summit at Freedom Worship Center of Charlotte

Black Mental Health Symposium

NASW, NC Charlotte Mecklenburg LPU Workshop, LPC: Examination of ACEs and Mental Illness.

Training: BEING WELL! Practicing Intentional Self-care.

UNCC Social Work students

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