Navigating Life’s Transitions & Challenges

In life you will go through some form of transition or life change.  As you age you may have increased concerns about your health and functioning.  You may feel alone or in the way.  Do you feel like time has passed you by or that you have not accomplished what you should have by now?

Life transitions are not only relegated to age and have to do with several factors…health, relationships, career, etc.  Are you anxious or depressed about the future or the present?

During these times you may feel as if there is no positive end in sight.  These transitions may have strained relationships and left you feeling alone. 

We are living in a pandemic.  This is a new normal for all of us!  That does not mean that we have fully accepted what our life has become.  You don’t have to go it alone.  You can make the best of this present moment.  You need to put yourself first because your health and welfare matters.

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