Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety disorders share features of excessive fear and anxiety.  You may feel as if you live in a state of uncertainty characterized by stomach troubles and problems breathing and thinking clearly.  You may even have trouble sleeping or feeling restless.  These feelings may be due to career or relationship challenges. 

You are not alone.  With the current uncertainty associated with Covid-19, many feel as you do.  Some anxiety and fear may be normal at this time; however, if what you are experiencing is negatively impacting your life, we are here for you.  You may feel as if you are stuck in a constant fight or flight stance.  Anxiety and Depression can also walk hand in hand. 

There are times when people do their best to cope with a situation and are successful in doing so.  There are times when strategies may become harmful or are no longer working.  You may feel as if your anxiety is related to past negative events. 

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