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Nora Carter

My name is Nora Carter and I want to welcome you to Agape WellCare PLLC (AWC).  I began this practice as a means of empowering others to live life at their fullest.  I wanted to see others live life well.  Many of my life experiences are the same as those who may become my clients.  I don’t claim to know everything because you are the expert on you.  I will work alongside you to get the best results for you and your well care.

I earned my Master of Social Work Degree from Winthrop University.  I also have a Master of Arts Degree from Appalachian State University.  To better support the clients I serve, I am a continuous learner of tools that will help you to reach your goals.

Agape WellCare PLLC envisions a universal community of persons who love, nurture, and keep one another safe.  A place where persons can come together despite their respective differences, where persons are treated as equals and are treated with dignity, worth, and value.  A place where people support one another, encouraging each other to live their best life to the fullest.

We Provide Support To:

Individuals (Adolescent/Adult)

There are times in an individual’s life when they need the help of another.  I work with you in a non-judgmental safe setting.  We will discuss any challenges you may be facing, and we will explore your personal goals.  Whether life transitions, career or relationship conflict, you have the strength to overcome these challenges.  Sometimes, people have the answers to their questions, they just need to talk them through with someone else.


As an engaged, dating, married or otherwise partnered couple in a relationship, you know that things can be better, however, you feel powerless to move forward. Maybe there are times when you feel alone or distant.   Maybe trials faced in the past keep you from going forward.  You don’t feel as if you can communicate without challenge.  You feel like your relationship is headed towards separation.  If external challenges are having a negative impact internally in your relationship, help is available.

Working with a therapist in a safe place where you can speak privately may help you explore pressing problems or current crises and support long term goals for the relationship. 


I describe family as those who sit at a common table.  How would you define your family? What are your goals for your family.  Have you achieved them?  Do you feel as if you have no power over anything happening in your home?  Do you feel distant and alone, even in your home?  I want you to live your best life as a family. I am here to help you to strengthen communication and to plan how your family will grow into what you design for it to be.


Group Support allows numerous people to come together and share common experiences about respective topics.  Unlike individual therapy, it involves addressing specific topics that are common to the group.  Group therapy is not a “free-for-all” but comes with a process for achieving goals and positive outcomes.  Group therapy is recommended when individuals are open to coming together with others to share bonding, coping and similar experiences.

I believe that Group Support can help in ways that individual therapy cannot.  We will be offering several groups this year.  Please give us a call and let’s explore what you need and if your needs can best be supported in a group setting or by another form of treatment. 


Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand despite where you are in your journey.  How do you find balance when everything around you is depending on you?  Even when you try to take care of yourself, you end up feeling guilty. Maybe you are struggling to navigate the many things on your plate…finding peace and purpose or maybe you are creating a path towards healing…we are here for you.   


Teletherapy is any type of session that occurs through any technology forum such as telephone or video platforms.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We began to depend on these different sources to provide in person sessions because of pandemic restrictions.  This form of therapy is readily available and convenient.

Online therapy has also been popular due to so many other reasons.  For those whose schedule does not allow one more thing outside the home, or those with children that need care, teletherapy may be the best choice.  Teletherapy provides the client with support in the privacy of their home, alleviating travel and safety from inclement weather. 

Teletherapy uses HIPAA compliant and secure website platforms that provide privacy to clients.

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